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The Bikes

John and Renee Linn's son, Aaron, is the General Manager of Linn's. He has been interested in cycling, an extremely popular sport worldwide, since the age of fourteen. He has been a seriously avid cyclist and has participated in many national cycling events.

People from the world over who are interested or active in cycling come to Linn's for fresh and healthy food, great service, and a little cycling museum. Each of the bikes in our restaurant has a history and a story to tell. Aaron knows them all.

“I began the bike collection because of a man named Wesley Hatakeyama. He suggested, since I had all the upper space on our restaurant walls and since I am a lifelong cycling enthusiast, that I decorate with some bikes, the first five of which he would give me. Cycling has always been something that sets my mind straight and allows me to push my body and mind to new heights as I tackle the hardest climbs or just enjoy perfect downhill and flat rides with a good tailwind. Many people are cycling enthusiasts like me. I am creating the collection to commemorate what will soon be 100 years of cycling innovation.”

Furthermore, in no small way, Aaron has succeeded in bringing casual and serious cyclists to Cambria from places near and far.

Aaron Linn- Restaurant General Manager/Co-Owner


American Flyers Film Bike (#94)

Courtesy of Rick Denman

1988 Bottechia (red and white bike)

1974 Cinelli, (background)

1965 Bianchi racing bike

Built as a Townie with uprighthandlebars

1938 English "The Sun" tandem

1932  Durkopp World Champion

Track Sprint Bike

1990 Kestrel Tri Spoke (blue and white)

1991 Pinarello Time Trial Bike / (Aaron's personal race bike)

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