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Our Team

Aaron Linn

General Manager

Led by General Manager, Aaron Linn, the Linn Family welcomes you with three generations at work. Since he was a tiny tot picking berries at the farm, he has worked in all aspects of kitchen operations and food service.

Aaron has been a lifelong bicyclist competing in his earlier days in national races. After returning from a biking adventure around Germany, he brought home a new skill in a third language, German, adding to his Spanish and English. Aaron began to take on more responsibility in helping run the restaurant. He now manages a staff of over sixty-five people. Aaron works tirelessly 6 days a week and is always there with a big smile and warm greeting for our customers.


John and Renee Linn

Original Founders

John and Renee Linn, who originally founded Linn’s in 1977, are still working in the business. John has always been the CFO. Renee is the originator of Linn’s products. She continues in her role to this day. She also buys all the gifts you can find in the retail stores.


Matt Beckett

Executive Chef

Matt Beckett, the Executive Chef, is the man behind the food at Linn’s. Matt has a deep food background, covering 35 years, the last thirteen of which have been with Linn’s. Truly, Matt is like a member of the Linn family and his food preferences fit in perfectly with Linn’s farm-to-table offerings. He oversees the food preparation at the restaurant and catered events. He is always producing new menu ideas like healthy soups, sauces, and entrees. Matt, along with Aaron and Renee Linn, decide on the menu creations for the restaurant and Easy as Pie Café


Nicole Linn

Retail Buyer

Nicole teamed up with Aaron Linn when they married in 2007. After raising children, she joined the business as Catering Consultant and is assuming responsibilities in retail and buying for Linn’s shops.


Aimee Linn


Another family member of the second generation who continues to add materially to the needs of Linn‘s is daughter Aimee Linn. Although she lives in New York with her husband and three children, she has talents and experience in communications and journalism that she uses on behalf of Linn’s.


Lucy Vander Velden

Office Manager

Lucy Vander Velden, trusted Office Manager, wears many hats. Her work experience includes accounting jobs in various industries around San Luis Obispo County. She began working with Linn’s in 2008 bringing her organizational skills to our office and the overall business. She continues to help improve and modernize all aspects of Linn’s to a higher standard.


Sunny Wright

Office Administrative Assistant

Sunny Wright, Office Administrative Assistant, is the friendly voice that greets when you call to place your online orders. She has an extensive food service background as a sous chef and a pastry chef working at famous restaurants around the county and in Bakersfield. She contributes to menu development at Linn’s.


Santiago Jaimes

Production Supervisor

Santiago Jaimes, Production Supervisor, began working as a driver at Linn’s in 1991. He has mastered every position in the production kitchen from making preserves to rolling pies. Because of that experience, he now oversees twenty-five plus employees in the heart of Linn’s kitchens. He is another vital person in the Linn’s family of employees.


Daniel Garnett

Manager at Easy As Pie Café

Daniel Garnett, Manager at Easy As Pie Café, has been with Linn’s since 1998. You will find him speeding around covering all positions, sometimes simultaneously. His smile, sense of humor, and positive energy are a great contribution to Linn’s. People come just to encounter Daniel.


Caden and Elijah Linn

Easy As Pie Café

Caden and Elijah Linn are truly family members, being the third generation of John and Renee Linn. They both work at Easy As Pie Café as well as attending school at Cuesta College.


Donaldo Marin

Lead Kitchen Production

Donaldo Marin, Lead Kitchen Production person, works full-time producing preserves, syrups, pie fillings and all of Linn’s bottled products. He has been with Linn’s family of employees for over 10 years.

Gisela Castillo.jpg
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Gisela Castillo/Jesus Garcia

Pie Producers

Jesus Garcia and Gisela Castillo, team members in the pie rolling kitchen, have a combined 25 years of experience at Linn’s Production Kitchen. They roll hundreds of pies every day,
still by hand!

Steven Arvizu.jpg

Esteban Arvizu


Esteban Arvizu labels every product that leaves our production plant. This includes all items produced for our retail sales and wholesale customers. Esteban has been with the Linn’s team for 10 years.


Ana Tapia / Luis Perez

Lead Bakers

Luis Perez, teams with Ana Tapia as lead bakers. They are responsible for the beautiful pies, muffins, cakes, and pastries. They bring a combined 28 years of experience to Linn’s bakery.


Jax Morales

Lead Bakery-Bistro

Jax Morales, the lead person at the Bakery-Bistro counter at Linn’s Restaurant, has been at Linn’s since 2001 and has become another especially important part of the Linn’s family visibility. She, too, has her hand in many things at the restaurant and is always ready with a smile and a welcome to our visitors. She is genuinely like another of Linn’s daughters in her closeness to everyone.

Linn's is Family
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